Team 7 - Hidden Disability & Conflict


Ms. Tutu is a 19 year old diagnosed with level 1 Autism who comes to the hospital looking for support after experiencing severe abdominal pain and waves of aggressive nausea. Nurse 1 conducts a check-up on her, and upon further examination it turns out Ms. Tutu is 4 months pregnant. Ms. Tutu is currently living in a homeless shelter after being kicked out of her home for dropping out of school – they have invalidated her Autism on multiple accounts and believe she is “fine” and overreacting. She expresses that she has difficulty in school because of overstimulation and feeling unable to keep up. As well, she expresses, “When I read, the words get all jumbled. Everyone says I’m reading wrong, but it looks right to me”. Ms. Tutu expresses that she wants to continue her education but is not sure how, being that she was having difficulties. Ms. Tutu had a feeling she was pregnant but was not sure who to turn to or what to do, and was afraid to tell anyone. The bedside nurse calls a social worker (case worker) and an Obstetrician to privately discuss next steps in a lounge room of the hospital to discuss her care plan.