The Good and The Bad of ChatGPT


Chat GPT is becoming more and more important and prevalent in our lives. It is an example of AI taking on a more ‘creative’ and active role in society and our professional lives. While it has benefits, and can be very helpful, some of the group worry about the impact on labour - will it cost jobs? creativity - AI generated art is already gaining popularity, and the film industry experimented with AI writing. Some of the group feel that they may be directly impacted in a negative way by the increased interest and reliance on Chat GPT and similar programs. On the other hand, members of the group believe it is a great tool to assist in mundane and repetitive tasks as well as help people create content where they might not have skills or access to others who can help. It is very fast and responsive, and since it is learning, it is always able to be relevant. Jobs will change, but creative people are needed to fine tune data, and will be free to do more complex and interesting tasks.