Silent struggles


In this conflict scenario, this story takes place in a prison setting, where we closely follow the journey of an inmate struggling with mental health challenges. Sadly, the inmate has to go through this as a silent struggle, hesitant to voice their inner conflicts. This isn’t just a story about one inmate but a much larger issue with the whole prison system and the lack of support provided. The unfolding narrative is shown through the dynamics of group members, highlighting their respective disciplines and the unique ways in which they interact with the inmate and one another. As the storyline progresses, the conflict accelerates mainly driven by the failure to address the inmate's pressing needs. as well as the inner conflict happening among the groups and in their various disciplines. This newfound realization sets a progressive plan into motion, creating a process that won’t only help the inmate, but 1000s of others who might be going through the same thing. The resolution unfolds through a final group meeting where each side is shown which ultimately helps pave the way for a more compassionate and supportive environment within the prison system, offering hope for a brighter future.